Navigating the food policy landscape, and developing roadmaps, to help you reach your future destinations.

Founded by Beth Johnson in 2010, Food Directions operates at the intersection of food policy where science, legislation, and regulation meet. With health professional credentials, scientific expertise, and a thorough understanding of the interconnectedness of the legislative and regulatory process, we help our customers navigate the cluttered, and sometimes overwhelming, food policy environment to minimize costly burdens and maximize opportunities. Headquartered in Washington, DC with deep relationships within federal agencies like FDA and USDA, and on Capitol Hill, Food Directions can closely follow all issues related to agriculture, food safety, and nutrition policy. At the state, federal, and international level, Food Directions is plugged into the ever-changing food policy dynamic and keeping a close eye on consumer trends.

Strategic Counsel

FD provides strategic counsel in the areas of food policy including agriculture, food safety, food labeling, and nutrition.

FD Map + Navigator

FD’s proprietary auditing tool was created to help your business assess your current regulatory compliance, food policies, and communications spanning the demanding and dynamic world of nutrition and sustainability.

Menu Labeling

FD can analyze the nutrient content of all of your menu items, create standardized recipes cards, create nutrition information pamphlets, and consult with you to make sure your new menu boards meet the criteria laid out in the FDA regulation.

Nutrition Facts Label

FD can help implement this new regulation from beginning to end. With our thorough knowledge and understanding of the rule, we can answer all of your questions. We can also work with your team and the FDA to file for exemptions from certain portions of the rule if your products meet the requirements.

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