Menu Labeling

We assisted a convenience store chain implement menu labeling for all of their prepared foods. Our service included reviewing all of the items they sell, created recipe cards for each item, designed nutrition facts brochures, and gave guidance on menu revisions. Below you will find a sample of the brochure we created.


Year in Review and Future Outlook

At the end of each year, Food Directions compiles a document which summarizes all of the policy events of the previous year and looks ahead to see what might happen in the following year. Below you will find a one-page summary of this document.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 4.58.44 PM (1)

Weekly Updates

Every week, we send out FD 50 and FD Weekly newsletters which contain all of the week’s most pertinent food policy updates for our clientele.  This allows our clients to stay continuously up-to-date and watch trends emerge that may effect their business.

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Farm To Table Curriculum

Food Directions worked with an education consultant to create a Farm to Table and Food Security curriculum for middle school students. The curriculum allows students to explore food production and distribution and its effect on hunger in America.

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Monthly Strategy Memo

Food Directions creates monthly strategy memos for clients to help them make smart business decisions and navigate the ever-changing food policy network.